Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dehydration Weight Gain - Causes And Symptoms

Dehydration Weight Gain - Causes And Symptoms - Ater you know the dangerous of chronic dehydration, you need to know about related it with bodyweight. It is approximated that about 45 million People in America diet each year, yet most People in America remain overweight or obese. Although there are many factors related to excess bodyweight such as an unhealthy lifestyle, stress and even heredity, most people don't realize how an overall inefficiency of the water in the American diet can stand in the way of weight-loss and a healthier lifestyle.

Dehydration Weight Gain

It is approximated that about 75% of People in America are chronically dehydrated. This means that most People in America are not getting the water they need to operate properly. With the overwhelming variety of juice and soda in today's world, most People in America are grabbing for something besides the water to quench their thirst. While other beverages besides the water fulfill part of your daily the water requirement, they do not provide the whole body with the amount of the water it needs. Additionally, beverages containing caffeine act as a diuretic and actually cause the whole body to lose the water.

Water is essential for the proper operate of every cell in the whole body. It removes poisons from the whole body, is necessary for proper kidney operates and also aids in metabolism.

Water helps us to maintain a healthy bodyweight by suppressing our appetite, it also can reduce level of sodium in our body and maintaining muscle tone.

Dehydration can cause someone become hungrier, resulting in higher calories along the day and dehydration weight gain.

Lack of the water can lower someone's activities. Being fully hydrated regulates your temperature and helps the muscles to work well, which in turn leads to a more productive workout.

If humans do not get enough the water, the whole body becomes desperate and begins to retain whatever the water it receives because it does not know when it will get more. Additionally when the kidneys do not receive enough the water to flush out the poisons from our whole body the liver becomes overworked and is unable to metabolize fat.


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